Keeping your car in running condition during cold spell

Keeping your car in running condition during cold spell

Emily Ness
Created: February 04, 2021 07:51 PM

Extreme cold can do a number on your car and unfortunately, not every Northlander has a garage.

Ahead of the cold spell coming our way, WDIO spoke to Gary Lofald, owner of 4th Street Auto Repair about what people should do to keep their car up and running.

According to Lofald, car batteries are often the first thing to go in cold weather, so that's the first thing you should check.

“Modern day vehicles actually will start in 25 to 30 below weather as long as the battery is strong and healthy,” Lofald said.

Lofald recommends getting a new battery after about four to five years. If your car has been sitting for a while, Loflad also recommends taking it for a short drive to let the battery charge.

"It’s been kind of a unique year of people not driving their cars too much with COVID, so people are zooming from home or walking back and forth so cars aren’t getting driven, so its not a bad idea to take it for a ride,” Lofald said.

According to Lofald, it is also important to check the car's coolant and washer fluid, as well as, the car’s tire pressure.

“Make sure that the coolant has been protected, or has been checked now for protection for 30-40 below,” Lofald said.

If you are able to plug your car in overnight or park it inside, Lofald said that can also help. So can keeping at least half a tank of gas.  But, even with all of this, cars can still struggle, which is why Lofald cautions drivers to be patient.

"If the car does not start, don't continue to try and crank on it because it probably isn't going to start and be real careful jump starting. It can be dangerous and you just got to be careful and make sure you get the cables hooked up right if you do go down that road,” Lofald said


Emily Ness

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