Man shot by Duluth Police recounts event

Emily Ness
Updated: September 16, 2020 08:42 PM

A man who was shot by Duluth Police over the weekend is now recounting the experience in his own words. WDIO News spoke exclusively to Jared Fyle of Duluth about the injuries he sustained.


Fyle says he was alone in his apartment at the time of the shooting and did not have a gun. Since WDIO spoke to him, he has obtained an attorney and plans to take legal action.

It began on Saturday when police responded to Fyle’s apartment in Downtown Duluth, following multiple 911 calls about an alleged physical domestic dispute.

When they arrived, the BCA says officers thought they heard two gunshots inside the apartment.

The BCA says officer Tyler Libfried then fired into the door—striking Fyle in the shoulder.

Fyle recounts the experience.

“I was standing by my door. I was stressed out, mad. I didn't realize that the cops were even coming in the first place and I went to go lock my door and when I locked my door, I heard 'Shots Fired'—like the officer said 'Shots Fired' and then just started shooting at my door and I got hit in the shoulder by one of the bullets,” Fyle said.

A video shared with WDIO by one of Fyle’s neighbors shows what appears to depict the aftermath of the incident.

On the video, one officer appears to explain to another what led to the shooting, saying: “He shot at us and I shot him through the door.”

The BCA says based on their preliminary investigation, no shots were fired from inside the apartment, and no firearms were found.

“That's the thing they kept asking the whole time they had me at the hospital and at the police department is: ‘Where's the firearm? You fired shots,’” Fyle said. “That’s not what happened.”

Additionally, the BCA says no one else was in the apartment at the time of the shooting. The alleged victim in the reported domestic incident had left the apartment before police arrived. That person was not injured.

Officer Libfried has been with the Duluth Police Department for five years. He has been placed on standard administrative leave, following the incident.

The BCA said there is officer body camera footage of the incident, but it has not yet released. The BCA said their investigation remains ongoing.

Duluth police sent out a statement late Wednesday afternoon saying they will conduct an administrative review of the officers' actions once the department has all available information.

Previous coverage of the incident can be found here.


Emily Ness

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