Duluth Fire Department uses "National Burn Awareness Week" to educate public

Updated: February 07, 2021 10:37 PM
Created: February 07, 2021 01:40 PM

The first week of February is National Burn Awareness Week.

This is a window of opportunity for burn care organizations, burn survivor groups and public safety professionals to increase awareness about burns.

The theme of this year’s Burn Awareness Week is electrical safety.

We spoke to the Duluth Fire Department about what the public can do to prevent fires and burn related injuries.

Firefighter Ryan Dahnke recommends making sure all of your major appliances are plugged directly into outlets, rather than into extension cords.

Additionally, he says to use indoor extension cords indoors and outdoor extensions outdoors because not all extention cords are waterproof.

When it comes to space heaters, Dahnke said only plug one heat producing appliance into an outlet at a time to prevent the outlet for overheating.

“When you’re using space heaters and stuff like that, be very cautious of where you place them. Don’t put them next to curtains or too close to your bed and make sure you only have one plugged in per outlet,” Dahnke said.

Finally, he said remembering to not only turn things off, but also wait for them to cool down is huge.

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