New DTA rates and route changes now in effect

New DTA rates and route changes now in effect Photo: WDIO

Created: March 07, 2021 06:49 PM

There are new DTA rates and policies effective as of Sunday. 

These include the following: 

  • The reduction of a single-day bus pass with unlimited rides on a specific day from $4.00 to $3.00 
  • The reduction of a seven-day bus pass with unlimited rides during that period from $17.00 to $15.00;
  • The reduction of a 31-day youth bus pass from $37.50 to $30.00;
  • The discontinuation of pennies being accepted in our fareboxes;
  • Discontinuation of the sale of 90/180/360-day pass formats (the 90-day Summer youth pass for ages 5-19 will, however, still be available).

Additionally, there are several route changes that also took effect Sunday.

Route 5: Added one weekday trip from the Mall to the west, departing Super One at 7:01pm and arriving in New Duluth at 7:50pm.
Route 7: Added one outbound weekday trip departing DTC at 9:40pm and arriving in Lakeside at 10:11pm. Added one inbound trip, departing Lakeside at 10:30pm and arriving at DTC at 10:52pm.

Route 11k: Dropped last inbound trip weekdays. Last 11k inbound will depart Kenwood at 11:26pm and arrive at DTC at 11:55pm.
Route 2: Dropped last outbound and inbound #2 trip Weekdays and Saturdays, adjusted second to last inbound #2 trip to return to garage before downtown. Last outbound 2 will depart DTC at 11:25pm. Last trip West will be Route 1, departing DTC at 11:45pm. Last inbound trip with service to downtown from the west will arrive at DTC at 11:56pm. 

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