As supply chain issues persist, Northland food banks persevere |

As supply chain issues persist, Northland food banks persevere

Mariam Mackar
Updated: December 06, 2021 10:18 PM
Created: December 06, 2021 09:45 PM

Organizations like Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Banks have been feeling the impact of supply chain shortages for the past two years now - each year bringing with it different obstacles.

"We took a gamble this year and sold one of our trucks because we had ordered a new one. That truck has been on order for almost a year," says executive director, Shaye Moris. "Because of supply chain and a lack of parts, we haven't been able to take possession of it."

It's not just a truck shortage that they're experiencing. It's basic supplies and food, too.

 "Things like that really can impact an operation that's complex like ours," emphasizes Moris. "Certainly we feel it and the community feels it." 

For the food bank, a lack of food on store shelves means less donations to their facility. The consumer rush to buy products is resulting in less surplus for the non-profit to rescue nationally and locally.

In those moments of low donations throughout the year, outside funding from donors helped keep their shelves stocked and the stomachs full of those in need.

"Fortunately last year we had very generous donors, and this year too, who provided financial resources so that, when we did need to fill the gap to purchase products, we could."

According to Moris, basic items needed for the food bank to operate have been harder to come by as well, like cardboard or paper.

Those recent paper shortages leading to delays in mailing programs. The organization depends heavily on direct mail for donations, so those delays in turn affecting the likelihood of people responding with donations. 

Now, they are getting creative with digital efforts to remind people that the food bank is still around and can always use the help.

Despite the obstacles they have seen, the non-profit continues to bring much needed food and resources to the Northland daily.

Those looking to help the cause can tune in to Good Morning Northland on Friday, December 10th from 5-7 am for opportunities to donate to Second Harvest during this year's Have a Heart, Help a Neighbor broadcast.


Mariam Mackar

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