Wisconsin's new COVID-19 vaccine registry launching tonight

Alejandra Palacios
Updated: March 01, 2021 06:17 PM
Created: March 01, 2021 05:20 PM

Wisconsin's new COVID-19 vaccine registry is set to go live on the Department of Health Services website by the end of the day.

The registry is expected to be a central resource for people to schedule a vaccination appointment.

A spokesperson for DHS explained it is something any Wisconsin resident can use. However, because it is something vaccine providers opt-in to, not everyone will be able to find a vaccinator through this resource since not all vaccine providers are using this tool.

Also, many health care, pharmacies and local health departments already have their own scheduling software. DHS has a map that lists every vaccinator who received vaccine. It also includes web links for registry or vaccinating entity websites to sign up for vaccinations.

When people sign up on the registry and appointments are available, eligible people will receive an invitation to schedule an appointment.

Participating counties have started to use the system to send invitations to people on waitlists in those counties. Once people receive the invitation, they will be able to register and schedule appointments.

DHS explained the site will initially target people within the vicinity of participating state community based vaccination centers. As local and tribal partners complete their early use and adopt the registry fully, they will be listed on the DHS website as well.

The registry has already been used by participating counties like Wauwatosa in suburban Milwaukee. Interim Health Officer Laura Stephens said they are using it live internally to schedule appointments with their current waitlists of eligible people.

"It'll be much easier for us here at the health department. It will streamline a lot of our work behind the scenes, it'll make things at our clinic flow really smoothly. It'll cut down on a lot of that manual data entry that we're doing right now. It'll also be easier for the public. It's a little bit confusing right now to know where to go or where to sign up and this will make it sort of a one place where they have to go and just put in their information and know whether or not they're eligible," said Stephens.

DHS said they are working closely with participating counties to ensure the vaccine registry meets local needs and has made adjustments based on site feedback.

Stephens said vaccine supply across the state continues to be very limited.

For a list of participating counties, and information on counties where the vaccine registry is currently available, visit the Wisconsin COVID-19 Vaccine Registry page

Douglas County's Department of Health and Human Services Public Health said they hope to roll out the registry in a couple of weeks.


Alejandra Palacios

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