St. Louis County health officials anticipate seeing more COVID-19 cases in higher education

Updated: September 08, 2020 09:32 PM

Labor Day weekend saw large crowds and not a lot of social distancing. This has some community members concerned on the possible aftermath this could have on COVID-19 cases.


"We won't know what the impacts of the weekend are until another couple of weeks," said Amy Westbrook, the St. Louis County public health division director.

In the meantime though, Westbrook did say they anticipate seeing more cases associated with higher education. Ages 15 to 24 are the largest age groups reporting positive cases of COVID-19 in St. Louis County.

With students back on campus, that's something they'll be monitoring.

"Thinking of other people and the actions that we each can take to prevent and control COVID-19 is really important, especially when people are going out and gathering and not social distancing," said Westbrook.

That's why Westbrook said it's important we all do our part to avoid further spread of COVID-19. She said it's important to continue social distancing and wearing face masks when we're indoors and outdoors.

"We're seeing those informal gatherings being a main source of community transmission where people have their guard down and they're seeing close contacts, family and friends," said Westbrook.

Westbrook said we don't have a vaccine for COVID-19 yet and wont for a while so we need to all work together to keep cases down and avoid further community spread.

"It's still really important to wear face coverings and social distance when we're in environments where there can be transmission. Our hospitalizations and deaths have not risen substantially and we want to keep it that way," said Westbrook.

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