Proctor going hybrid route, Hermantown vote next week

Updated: August 11, 2020 06:15 PM

Jaden Karnowski likes to shoot hoops. He'd also like to start 4th grade as a Hermantown Hawk at the building. "I want to see my friends and my teachers," he shared.


Hermantown is waiting till next Monday the 17th to decide. New superintendent Wayne Whitwam wants the most up to date data on cases, as they have been trending higher. "That's why I've been reluctant on moving forward with a recommendation. Because, I don't want to set people up with in-person  learning, and have to turn around next week and say, sorry, numbers went up."

The proposed hybrid model calls for distance learning for all kids on Monday. And then the kids would be split into two groups, Tuesday and Thursdays, and Wednesday and Fridays. They'd attend every other day, in their group.

If there are kids in the building, Whitwam said they will be doing plenty of mask breaks by taking students outside, and utilizing the outdoor space as much as possible.

In Proctor, the school board approved a hybrid model. "The buildings will be at 50% capacity. Students will all do distance learning on Mondays. And then they'll be split into A-B groups," shared Gina Cole, Director of Curriculum and Learning. "They'll have face-to-face time with their teacher, and the next day do distance learning. Then the day after, head back to the classroom."

Inside Bay View Elementary, the signage is already up about staying six feet apart. It's Rail-themed, to match the Proctor mascot.

Desks inside the classrooms are farther apart. But the district will need less of them, because they expect about 30% of their students to choose distance learning.

No matter the colors or mascots, school leaders know things could change at any moment.

"I think we have to be prepared we could be in any one of those three models during the year. We have to do the best job we can to prepare our teachers and prepare our students to be ready for that and those changes," Whitwam added.

Esko has not made a final decision on their return to learn plan. Duluth is doing a hybrid.

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