Mattel Launches Gender Inclusive Doll

Mattel launches gender inclusive doll for children. Mattel launches gender inclusive doll for children.  |  Photo: Mattel/Associated Press

Created: September 25, 2019 06:15 AM

The makers of the Barbie, toy company Mattel, have launched a new line of gender inclusive fashion dolls.


Featuring interchangeable accessories - some feminine, some masculine - the Creatable World range is aimed at children who want to make their own minds up about what their dolls should look like, and parents keen to avoid gender stereotyping in the toybox.

The range also offers a choice of hair length and style, and skin tone, while featuring a more ambiguous body shape.

Mattel consulted pediatrician Cara Natterson during development.

"I was asked to look at the body type of the doll and to put my pediatric brain on and to understand what about this doll was appropriate in terms of size and proportions and the whole aesthetic look and then the physiology of the doll," explains Natterson.

Megan Perryman, campaigner for Let Toys Be Toys, applauds any move towards inclusivity in the doll market.

"We already know that dolls are a really important toy for all children in building empathy, in encouraging communication skills and allowing them to role play the world around them," she says. "So any toy that will allow all children to access that kind of play is really important."

"We see this line as an opportunity for us to open up that dialogue around what dolls are for and who dolls are for, notes Kim Culmone, Mattel's head of Barbie and fashion dolls design. "As the world begins to celebrate the positive impact of inclusivity, we absolutely, fundamentally believed it was time to launch a doll line free of labels and free of rules for kids."

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