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Electric vehicle owners hold "Show & Tell"

A Chevy Bolt typically costs in the $30,000 range. A Chevy Bolt typically costs in the $30,000 range.  |  Photo: Kyle Aune/WDIO

Baihly Warfield
Updated: September 30, 2021 10:53 PM
Created: September 30, 2021 09:47 PM

The solar lot near Canal Park Lodge has spots reserved for electric vehicle charging. Thursday night, those spots were filled. 

Several power cooperatives hosted an Electric Vehicle Show & Tell. 

Scott Dejong and Justin Jahnz both participated for the first time. Dejong brought his Volkswagen ID.4. 

"I wanted to get something that was a little better for the environment was kind of my first motivation. And I loved the idea of driving by gas stations," Dejong said. 

Jahnz was driving a Tesla. 

"It's the funnest car I've ever had to drive," he said. 

Jahnz typically charges his vehicle overnight at home. 

"I can charge at the equivalent of a dollar a gallon. So if you do the efficiency and work it all out, it's about like buying gas at a dollar a gallon," he said. "So definitely my electric bill has gone up, but my gas purchases have pretty much been gone."

Ryan Ferguson, a senior engineer with Lake Country Power, drove from Cohasset to Duluth for the event in a Chevy Bolt. 

"So we used about 22 kilowatt hours to get down here, which on our off-peak program would cost us about $1.47. So we keep joking ... our lunch was $23 for me and a coworker, so it cost significantly more to fuel us to get  here than our vehicle," Ferguson said. 

Lake Country has a program for people with electric vehicles to save when they charge in off-peak hours. 

The event took place as part of National Drive Electric Week. Minnesota Power is hosting a Drive Electric event at Bent Paddle on Saturday. 


Baihly Warfield

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