Two Harbors and the Look Up Line |

Two Harbors and the Look Up Line

October 29, 2014 10:46 PM

If you grew up in northern Minnesota you probably played hockey outside, on a frozen lake or a home made rink in the back yard.

As players work their way up through pee-wees playing outside is still part of the game, but eventually the game heads back in doors.

Jesse Lundgren is the "hockey dude" as the Arena Manager at the Lake County Arena in Two Harbors, the ice is his priority and now has something that makes it one of a kind.

"I brought it to our executive board, and let them know that this is out there and a possibility, and not a requirement, and they got behind it and we decided to go ahead and do it." Lundgren said.

It's called a look-up-line. It acts as a warning track around the ice to remind younger players to keep their heads up along the boards.

Rich Powell, an Assistant Coach with Two Harbors-Silver Bay Youth Hockey said, "the concept is for the puck carrier or somebody trying to become the puck carrier or somebody who is trying to take the puck away from some one, that when you get to the orange area you got to get your head up, because if you were to fall with your head down you could risk a catastrophic injury."

The idea originated from the Thomas E Smith foundation in Massachusetts in 2012. In 2-years the orange line has expanded to over 100-rinks out east and is heading west.

Graham Arena in Rochester is the only other confirmed rink in Minnesota to have the look up line. At roughly 5-hundred dollars to install we might be seeing more orange rings around the ice.

"I have heard the coaches talk about it." Powell said. "How it is something we need to wrap our heads around, because it looks different, it doesn't look quite like something you would see on a hockey rink." Lundgren added, "it is something new, but once i think we let people know that it is for safety hopefully, and something for kids to help protect themselves everyone have been pretty positive about it."

It's a new idea not looking to change the game, but make it better.


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