Week 10: Piedmont/Brewer Park
July 03, 2015 08:44 AM

Constructed in 2007, the Piedmont and Brewer Park Trail has three different access points.  The Hutchinson Road location has the most parking, but you can also jump on the trail from Haines Road and along Skyline Parkway near the Wheeler Field Overlook.  COGGS Chair Member Waylon Munch says the best part of Brewer Park is the view.

"This is probably one of my favorite views of Duluth right now.  We're at the very, very top of the ridge, we're above Skyline Parkway right now and you can't get a view like this looking out over the harbor, we can see the bridge behind us.  It's phenomenal."

Munch says that the Piedmont Trail has a much more difficult terrain than the Brewer Park Trail.

"Piedmont is meant for the intermediate to advance rider, that's where the rocks get a little more jagged, a little bit more gnarly, some steep technical descents.  Brewer has some of that, but it's more open, more flowing, a little more friendly."

The Piedmont Trail has 9 miles of terrain, while the Brewer Park Trail only has about 5.  Munch says beginner riders can even enjoy part of Brewer Park.

"There's a trail called Lollygagger, which is a beginner level trail.  Very wide, very smooth, and that branches of on to this trail it's called Homebrew that we're standing on."

Munch says these trails are pretty popular, so COGGS has a volunteer crew that does trail work and maintenance every Thursday at 5:30.

"It can be anything from building new trail, it can be taking care of some of those wet, muddy areas that we were walking over early, putting down gravel or some sort of paver stones to take care of that.  It can be weed whipping as needed.  But, it's really social, it's really fun, it's a great group of guys."

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