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Duluth Author Shares Personal Struggle, Offers Support through Humor

May 11, 2015 09:17 AM

Eddy Gilmore is a Duluth author. His latest memoir is called "The Emancipation of a Buried Man," and it tackles some tough topics, including bullying, abuse, hoarding and bed-wetting.

These are all difficult subjects for many people to confront, but Eddy says he uses humor to reach out to readers and others who may be struggling.

Eddy says he was able to mask his emotional trauma well, and usually came off as the class clown in school. He understands that many people may feel the need to hide their issues, but he wants folks to know they're not alone. 

By pouring through the process of writing, Eddy says that he realized all of his passions and everything he holds dear has some relationship to his past. He says he appreciates every meal with his family, every bike ride, every good book and all of the other joys he hadn't been able to experience as a child. 

Eddy also likes to deliver his books personally via bicycle whenever he can. Not only is he a biker by heart, but he also prefers biking to riding in cars. Some of that has to do with his experiences growing up in road rage situations. 

Speaking of driving cars, below is an excerpt from Eddy's book that deals with something many Northlanders have to confront - snowy roads:

“Once we received 20 inches of beautiful powdery snow while being safely ensconced in the silent backcountry. Dan, my new friend Ryan, and I arrived back at the car to find the road unplowed, as we feared would be the case.

"Though the snow was of a light and fluffy consistency that lake-effect snow often is, we found it impossible to coax my 1992 Honda Accord station wagon up the steep hills. Per the suggestion of my friends, who are committed family men, mind you, they sat on the hood of the car to give it more weight up front.

"I white-knuckled the steering wheel in terror at 40 miles per hour, as Ryan hollered into a walkie-talkie to give it more gas on the straightaway leading to a sizable hill that contained a significant banked curve. They held onto the lip of the hood below the windshield for their lives.

"Against my better judgment I got the car up to 45 miles per hour on the fourth or fifth try, with visions of my close friends being launched from the hood as we spun out of control. Miraculously, we made it over several steep hills and approximately five miles of snowed-in conditions unscathed prior to reaching plowed pavement.”

For more on Eddy Gilmore and his book, "The Emancipation of a Buried Man," visit eddygilmore.com


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