GMN Special Report: Back To School

All This Week On Good Morning Northland:

After a summer away from learning, the transition back to the classroom can be an adjustment. Are your kids ready? Do you have what you need to help them do well? GMN is sitting down with professionals to talk about the challenges our kids are facing and will have tips to help you and your family make it a great year.

Angela Hauger said grandparents can play an important role in helping their grandchildren succeed.

The Influence of Grandparents on a Child's Education

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An assistant professor from the College of St. Scholastica said

"Old-Fashioned" Reading Still Important Despite Technology

How Should Parents Guide Their Children's Technology Use

Michigan Plans Online Registration for Medical Marijuana

3rd Minnesota Measles Case Prompts Travel Warning

Survey Finds 2M US Teens are Vaping Marijuana

Duluth Council Tables Purchase of Protective Gear
Community, DFL Elected Officials Hold Rally Supporting Sexual Assault Victims
Major Changes Coming to 35th John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon
Bird Enthusiasts Enjoy Sightings At Hawk Weekend Festival

Northland Students Calling for a Change

Politicians Respond to Calls for Improved School Safety

Parents Advocate for School Safety Improvements Part 1: Security

Parents Advocate for School Safety Improvements Part 2: Working with Officials

A Conversation on Mental Health Part 1: How Tragedies Affect Kids

A Conversation on Mental Health Part 2: Talking with Kids

Hibbing Schools Speeding Up Security Improvement Plan

Duluth Public Schools Part 1: Utilizing Staff, Resources to Maintain Safety

Duluth Public Schools Part 2: Evaluating Building Security and Safety Procedures

Denfeld Students Participate In National School Walkout