Storm Team Allergy Report

Friday, November 2nd: Pollen levels are staying low again today. Enjoy the break from your seasonal allergies.

If you suffer from itchy eyes, and a stuffy nose, you may have seasonal allergies. We will update our allergy forecast, Monday through Friday during Good Morning Northland and on

Special Report: Delivering Babies and Blankets

Opioid Deaths, Suicide Reach Record Levels in Minnesota

Are Eggs Bad for You? New Study Rekindles Debate

Scientists Back Temporary Global Ban on Gene-edited Babies

An international group of scientists and ethicists are calling for a temporary global ban on making babies with edited genes. The temporary ban of five years would allow time for discussion of critical technical, scientific, societal and ethical issues of the practice.

Evers' Health Agency Leaders Dedicated to Medicaid Expansion

The leader of Wisconsin's Department of Health Services says Gov. Tony Evers' administration is dedicated to convincing skeptical Republicans to go along with Medicaid expansion, calling it a critical part of the agency's plan to address health care needs across the state.

Flu May Have Peaked, But Experts Eye Jump in Nastier Strain

Health officials think there's a strong chance this flu season has peaked, but they are watching a recent wave of illnesses from a nastier flu strain. There has been an increase in illnesses from a kind of flu virus that tends to cause more hospitalizations and deaths.

Trippy Ketamine-Like Drug Approved for Severe Depression

The FDA has approved a medication related to the mind-altering drug ketamine as a new option for patients with severe depression.

Second Man Seems to be Free of AIDS Virus After Transplant

Researchers say a London man appears to be free of the AIDS virus after a stem cell transplant. It's the second such success however, the transplants are dangerous and have failed in other patients.

Report Finds Few Seniors are Getting Routine Memory Checkups

An  Alzheimer's Association survey found many seniors don not discuss thinking or memory with their doctor. Medicare pays for an annual "wellness visit" that is supposed to include a brief check for some early warning signs of dementia.  

Wisconsin Births Decline to Lowest Point in 40 Years

A Wisconsin researcher says a drop in teen pregnancies has contributed to the lowest number of babies being born in the state since 1973. The figures also show that low birth weight in babies is increasing.

Report: 11 Minnesotans Died in 2018 from Medical Mistakes

Health officials say 11 people died and 118 were injured in Minnesota hospitals and surgery centers last year from medical mistakes that were preventable. It's the 15th year the health department has compiled an "adverse event" report which seeks to motivate improvements in hospital safety.

Two ice fishermen share the experience of capturing a video that went viral.

Men Share About Viral Video of Fish Under the Ice

Assembly Committee Votes to Lift Elk Hunt Limits

Apostle Islands Ice Caves Not Officially Opening

Moose Population in Western Upper Peninsula Estimated at 509