StormTeam Allergy Report

Tuesday, September 25th: Pollen levels are staying low today due to the cooler temperatures and rain we have received the last few days. Enjoy the break from our seasonal allergies.

If you suffer from itchy eyes, and a stuffy nose, you may have seasonal allergies. We will update our allergy forecast, Monday through Friday during Good Morning Northland and on

'Skate for 8' Honors Hunter Fronden

Newborn Syphilis Cases in US Reach Highest Level in 20 Years

Pills for Appendicitis? Surgery Often Not Needed, Study Says

Michigan Plans Online Registration for Medical Marijuana

Michigan plans to allow medical marijuana patients and their doctors to complete registrations online.

3rd Minnesota Measles Case Prompts Travel Warning

Health officials are urging Minnesotans to make sure their measles vaccinations are up to date before they travel after the state confirmed a third measles case.

Survey Finds 2M US Teens are Vaping Marijuana

E-cigarettes typically contain nicotine, but a school-based survey shows more than 2 million middle and high school students have used the devices for pot.

Rate of Uninsured Increases in Minnesota

The number of people without health insurance in Minnesota has increased for the first time in five years, when the Affordable Care Act was in full effect.

High-Quality Heart Readings in New Apple Watch

Apple's new smartwatch will have the ability to take high-quality heart readings to detect irregular heart rhythms and other potential problems.

US Officials Call Teen Vaping 'Epidemic,' Weigh Flavor Ban

U.S. health officials say teenage use of e-cigarette has reached "epidemic" levels and are calling on the industry to address the problem or risk having their flavored products pulled off the market.

Construction Begins on Barker's Island Beach Restoration Project

Construction on an $800,000 restoration project started this week at the Barker's Island inner beach. The project is part of a project in the St. Louis River area of concern remedial action plan.

Data Show Big Let-Up in 'Obamacare' Premiums

Millions of people covered under the Affordable Care Act will see only modest premium increases next year, and some will get a price cut.

Possible bear claw marks are seen on a tree at Yellowstone National Park. A judge has blocked grizzly bear hunts planned near the park.

Judge Restores Protections for Grizzly Bears Near Yellowstone, Blocking Hunts

DNR Survey Shows Minnesota's Wolf Population Remains Stable

2 Wyoming Bull Elk, Locked in Battle, Get Help from Humans

DNR Expects Good Duck Hunting When Season Opens Saturday