Virginia man continues to support local charities, encourages others

Wednesday was a very special day for three local organizations as they were gifted with donations from local donor. Dr. George Erickson from Virginia has made it one of his goals to provide as much help as he can throughout his lifetime. He continued his mission today with donations to three local charities on behalf of his family, and in the memory of his recently deceased and beloved wife of 56 years.

Sally wasn’t just the love of his life, Erickson called her the backbone behind many of their charitable donations.

“She was always generous. She never said no to any of the things that I suggested we support, and she also made suggestions on her own that were always reasonable." Erickson says it was a great loss when Sally died. "But there’s been great pleasure in giving away many of her possessions to places like Habitat for Humanity."

Dr. Erickson spoke Wednesday of the three charities that are near to his heart. “When organizations do good, we support them and if they don’t we criticize them. Habitat for Humanity is one of those organizations that really and broadly help people. The same for the Red Cross and the United Way. Those are just no brainers.” Erickson says Habitat for Humanity will receive $100,000 and The United Way and Red Cross will each be getting $50,000.

Dr. Erickson is making contributions to these agencies to help local individuals in need. He hopes to encourage the spirit of generosity in others across the region. He says one of his favorite sayings is, “Never pass up a chance to do something nice for someone.”

The Erickson’s have long supported local organizations, most notably donating $170,000 to the construction of Virginia’s indoor tennis facility and contributing $150,000 to the Virginia School District in 2018.

Dr. Erickson is a best-selling author of five books, two of which are free on his website –