Up North: Stretching into new places at Wild State Cider Fest

When you hear the name Wild State Cider, the first thought that comes to mind would be the delicious drinks. Last Saturday however patrons recived a little more than just beverages at the establishment.

"Today we came down to Wild State Cider and did some yoga, and you can see its a beautiful day. It was a really great time, definetly a different enviroment but lots of fun and being out in the fresh air is great. We all got some execise today," Duluth Yogi Anna Rosenberg exclaimed.

When you think of yoga you think of inside a studio or even a gym. Doing it outside downtown, with other fun activities around is something totally unique and invigorating yoga instructor Desiree Thornton said,

"I absolutely love it for whatever reason when I’m outside and teaching yoga its just where I belong. For me I get really comfotable, can play some really fun music, and everyone usually at events like this is to just have a good time. So thats just such an easy class to teach for me."

While yogis were doing the downward dog, they also got to bring along their four legged friends to the matts, live music, and the biggest cider sale of the year. All of which culminated into a very relaxing experience for everyone involved.

"Yoga for me feels really good physically, like on my muscles. Sometimes I even get into a very relaxed state at the end of it, so thats why I enjoy it," comented Duluth Yogi Laura Mackinnon.