UMD Dining Services looking to fill several full-time positions

University of Minnesota, Duluth Dining Services held a career fair Wednesday to help fill several available full time positions.

There are currently 26 available positions including cooks, dining staff, dishwashers, and managers that UMD hopes to fill before students arrive August.

"We serve about 3,000 people a day and most of those are our live on campus students,” explained Kristin Trelstad, Dining Services Marketing, “They live in the resident’s halls, the on-campus apartments, and we’re where they get their food so we need to make sure that we’re fully prepared and ready to feed these students that are coming on campus soon."

For those who missed the event, they can get more information of available jobs and apply here.

UMD Dining Services also plans on hiring around 200 students in part time posititions.