TikTok new content rating system, Whatsapp is coming to smart glasses, and the new emoji list is out

TikTok has a new content rating system. The company is comparing the rating system to the one used for movies or video games. The system is meant to block videos with more mature themes from teens’ feeds. TikTok plans to roll the system out in the coming weeks.

Whatsapp is coming to to Meta and Rayban’s smart glasses. Users can now make hands-free calls and send text messages on the "stories" glasses..And users can also take photos and videos as well as listen to music. A similar feature was added to Facebook Messenger last year.

The draft list of 31 new emojis for world emoji day have been revealed. They include the shaking face, mainly for shocked reactions. There will also be an official high-five emoji, along with an emoji featuring the "wi-fi" symbol. World emoji day is Sunday.