State Patrol investigating transactions at former Cloquet Ford Chrysler Center

The State of Minnesota Vehicle Crimes Unit is currently creating a list of people who’ve experienced title and registration issues regarding transactions with the former Cloquet Ford Chrysler Center.

Cloquet’s police chief Derek Randall said they started getting complaints back in June. They asked the state patrol for help since that agency has a division for cases like this.

"It looks like a lot of issues about temporary plate and registrations expireing, and they haven’t received a new one. Other complaints are related to people getting past due notices about vehicles they had traded in," Randall explained.

The new dealership, Wood City Motors, took over at the end of August. The general sales manager told us they do not have access to any of the old paperwork, and are 100% separate from the old owners. Still, they can direct people to the right contacts as this process continues.

If you have or are still experiencing title, registration, or other financial issues with Cloquet Ford Chrysler Center, you are requested to email Include all documents related to the acquisition of the vehicle.

If you visit a motor vehicle office directly, you’re advised to bring five pictures of the vehicle (a picture of each side of the vehicle, and the VIN plate in the dash by the windshield