New updates on the Eveleth man killed in Ukraine

The sister of the Eveleth born Jim hill who has died in Ukraine is now revealing new details of her brother’s death.

Over a zoom call she was able to correct the now outdated information that her Brother was killed in a breadline.

He was actually on his was back from scouting out a bus loading area with around a thousand Ukrainians boarding. He then headed back to the hospital where his quote “partner” Irene was at.

Katya Hill says, "My Brother decided to turn back go back to the hospital to Irene’s side and that’s when the bomb hit."

Irene has MS and was the main reason Hill wanted to stay back in Ukraine. But before his death Jim Hill started to look for a way to get out with Irene.

"He never gave up hope that he would find treatment that would help stop the progression of the disease MS”, says Katya.

Katya says Jim was interested in using his Air B&B properties to help house refugees.

She says, “He was making plans for getting out, and wondering how many families he could have living this property and setting up like a Little Ukraine."

Katya says Irene in the hospital has yet to be notified that Jim was killed.