Expanding broadband in the Cloquet community

Having broadband has become one of the essential resources to have in this day and age. The community of Cloquet has been evaluating the needs and options to improve broadband service within the eastern city limits of Cloquet.

“We have different information from different areas of the community. That is one of the goals of this survey is to gather information from our community and discern what the issues are in those regions,” says Lara Wilkinson, At-Large Cloquet City Councilor Cloquet economic.

When it comes to the broadband in community spaces like hospitals, Sam Jacobson, IT Analyst/Security Officer at the Community Memorial Hospital, said it is very important to have a strong connection.

"Having better service in the community is super important for our staff, our care providers, who may be connecting from home. But also connecting with patients who may not be in the hospital."

The town has re-opened its broadband survey for input from the residents and business owners. The survey seeks to gather information to gauge the adequacy of local broadband and increase the broadband internet service.

"Take the time, fill out the survey. We do not know what the needs are unless our citizens and business step up and tell us. It can have an impact in the direction we take in the long term in making sure we have the best service available to the most people in our community."

Survey participants with a valid residence or business ownership address within the eastern Cloquet city limit target zone will be entered into a drawing to win a free iPad! The survey is open until Monday, January 31st for voting. The survey can be accessed at https://www.goctc.com/cloquet/.