Storm Team Allergy Report

Monday, July 15th: Seasonal allergies have dropped to medium-low levels today due to the very humid and stormy conditions expected to continue today. Pollen levels for weeds will be at medium levels today, with trees, weeds and mold staying at low levels today. We will update our allergy forecast, Monday through Friday during Good Morning Northland and on

A Healthy Lifestyle May Offset Genetic Risk for Alzheimer's

UW Workgroups to Improve Student Mental Health Services

Shortening Trainee Doctor Hours Hasn't Harmed Patients

Minnesota Health Plans Seek Modest Premium Increases

Minnesota's health insurers are seeking relatively small premium increases for patients who buy coverage on the individual market. In some cases, patients will see cuts in their rates.

Report: Opioid Deaths Dropped in Minnesota in 2018

Preliminary data shows drug overdose deaths in Minnesota dropped in 2018.  Officials say the numbers are promising, but that overdose deaths remain at historic highs and more work needs to be done.

Evers Signs Drug Step Therapy Bill

Gov. Tony Evers has signed a bill designed to make it easier for patients to get needed prescription drugs even when insurance companies force them to try cheaper alternatives first. The measure address the process known as step therapy.

Teen Odds of Using Marijuana Dip with Recreational Use Laws

New research suggests legalizing recreational marijuana for U.S. adults in some states may have slightly reduced teens' odds of using pot.

Abortions in Minnesota See 2% Decline in 2018

The Minnesota Department of Health says the number of abortions performed in the state declined 2% in 2018. The vast majority of abortions were performed in a woman's first trimester.

Health Panel: Millions of US Kids Should Get Hepatitis Shot

U.S. hepatitis A infections and deaths have risen in the last two years, now a scientific panel is recommending that millions of older children who weren't vaccinated against hepatitis A when they were one year old, get vaccinated.

Vaccine Panel Gives Nod to HPV Shots for Men up to age 26

A U.S. government advisory panel says a vaccine against cervical and other cancers should be recommended for both men and women up to age 26. The vaccine that protects against HPV is usually given to 11- and 12-year olds.

Lighthouse Center for Vision Loss Celebrating 100 Years

The Lighthouse Center for Vision Loss is celebrating 100 years of helping the community with a reception on Thursday at the Depot.

Michigan Adopts Deer Hunting Rules to Halt CWD

Michigan Adopts Deer Hunting Rules to Halt CWD

Sturgeon, America's Forgotten Dinosaurs, Show Signs of Life

Great Lakes Water Levels Continue Surge; 2 Set Records

Wisconsin Regulators Propose Mandatory Wasting Disease Tests