Storm Team Allergy Report

Wednesday, May 22nd: Thanks to the rainfall and wet conditions today, allergy levels should be much lower that the past couple of days. We are still expecting medium levels of tree pollen today with Birch, Oak and Mulberry being the main allergy producers you will be dealing with today. Grass, weeds, and mold will all be at low pollen levels today.

If you suffer from itchy eyes, and a stuffy nose, you may have seasonal allergies. We will update our allergy forecast, Monday through Friday during Good Morning Northland and on

Kwik Trip Veggie Trays Again Linked to Salmonella

As States Pass Restrictive Abortion Laws, Questions Surface

Grand Village Worried About Proposed Changes to Reimbursements

Senator Tina Smith Highlights Bill on Mental Health Services in Schools

Sen. Tina Smith is raising awareness on the need for more access of mental health services in schools across the state. Smith reintroduced her Mental Health Services for Students Act.

Less Fat, More Fruit May Cut Risk of Dying of Breast Cancer

A large experiment suggests that trimming dietary fat and eating more fruits and vegetables may lower a woman's risk of dying of breast cancer.

Alabama Lawmakers Pass Near-Total Ban on Abortion

Alabama lawmakers have passed a near total ban on abortion. The state Senate on Tuesday passed the bill that would make performing an abortion at any stage of pregnancy a felony. If signed into law, it would be the most restrictive abortion measure in the United States.

Is There A Link Between Hearing and Dementia?

Treating Auditory impairment and CogniTion, or TACT is a pilot random controlled trial using hearing aids for people who've been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment.

Greenway to Receive $100K Fitness Center

Greenway Public Schools are receiving a $100,000 Don't Quit! Fitness Center. The National Foundation for Governor's Fitness Councils and Governor Tim Walz made the announcement on Tuesday.

What Helps Prevent Dementia? Try Exercise, Not Vitamin Pills

New guidelines for preventing dementia focus on keeping the whole body healthy as a way to prevent mental decline.

New Liver Transplant Rules Begin amid Fight over Fairness

New rules aim to change how donated livers are distributed so that fewer people die waiting for a transplant, but they come amid a fierce fight over fairness.

More People Dying in Wisconsin, But Elderly Living Longer

More people are dying in Wisconsin, but the state's growing elderly population is living longer. An annual Wisconsin Department of Health Services report says top three causes of death in 2017 were heart disease, cancer, and unintentional injury.

DNR Board Makes First Revisions to Bear Plan in 39 Years

DNR Board Makes First Revisions to Bear Plan in 39 Years

Invasive Carp DNA Found in Chicago Area near Lake Michigan

Keeping Your Bike Ready to Ride

Up North: Big Day For Anglers and Officers on MN Fishing Opener