Marine General Preparing for Annual Turkey Fry

Created: November 19, 2019 09:36 AM

Marine General's annual Turkey Fry is Wednesday, November 20 and to prepare, Russ Francisco stopped by Good Morning Northland to show how he prepares his turkey for frying.


"One of the things you should do when you're using marinades is pour it into a separate glass, because then you don't contaminate the rest of it," Francisco said.  "What you do is inject the turkey and what I like to do, you can watch where it plumps up and I keep moving it around to get the whole turkey."

This way you get the flavor everywhere.  Francisco uses two different flavors and puts it in all of the turkey.

He said it depends on how much flavor you want and the size of the turkey to know how much to use.

"You can make your own.  It's a lot of fun, just don't use water products," Francisco said. "Use butter, oils, things like that, then you can put your own spices in."

Water products can lead to explosions.  Turkeys also need to be thawed completely.

Francisco said they have 60 turkeys to fry tomorrow for about 500 people.  There will also be professionals to talk about ice fishing.

"We also kick off the bike drive.  We bought 400 bikes, they're in town, they're assembled, they're going to the Salvation Army," Francisco. 

They've been doing this for about fourteen years. 

The annual Marine General Turkey Fry is Wednesday, November 20 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the store on London Road in Duluth.  They'll be giving out free sandwiches and drinks.  It is free, but they're asking people to bring cash donations and bikes. 

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