Tech Bytes: Deep Fake Ban, Web Page Reading, and Artificial Humans

Created: January 08, 2020 07:39 AM

In today's tech bytes, Facebook takes aim at deep fakes.


The site is banning certain types of the controversial videos which have been altered to make people do or say something they didn't. The ban won't effect parodies, satire, or video edited to omit or reorder words.

From the Consumer Electronic Show, Google Assistant will soon be able to read web pages to you. And it can even translate from 42 languages.

Users will just have to say, "Hey Google, read this page." It's coming later this year for Android versions five and above.

And Samsung is unveiling artificial humans, called Neon.

They were introduced at the Consumer Electronic Show. Neon is not a robot or a voice assistant. The company calls them "video chat bots" that can learn people's preferences and respond to their questions in an unusually lifelike way.

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