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L/B Cabin Connects Owners With Nature

Amy Adamle
Updated: July 17, 2018 04:09 PM

We've all driven past those homes along Minnesota's North Shore. The 14th Lundie and Vacation Home Tour showed off some of those unique and spectacular places, including the L/B cabin in the Taconite Harbor area. 

The gravel driveway, just off Highway 61, leads you to the cabin that is a launch pad to adventure. 

"Every morning there is something different," co-owner, Erik, said. 

The cabin is located on 2.4 acres of land, where a rugged history meets a modern vision.  It's tucked along 350 feet of Lake Superior's shoreline and provides an infinity of happiness for owners, Erik and Amy.

"We try to leave the windows open when we can, so that we can hear waves crashing on Lake Superior, or the birds in the background," co-owner, Amy, said. 

Wide windows inside the cabin make a connection with endless nature. 

"I think it was really important for us to have a space where we feel when we are inside we are part of the outside," Amy said. 

It was designed by Duluth based architect, David Salmela and it dances with nature. 

"It really seemed to express our vision," Erik said.  "The space that the cabin created brought up characteristics of the land we hadn't seen."

Amy and Erik were among six owners who opened their homes as part of the annual Lundie and Vacation Homes Tour,
sharing a view that must be seen to be believed.

Their cabin is about five years old and its features make it unique.  Inside, they have a cozy sauna to warm up on a cold winter day and outside, there is a stone paved courtyard and a couple of outbuildings.

"Our vision was to have a place we could come to and be there any season on the North Shore, whether it being summer, a day like today, where you want to go for a hike, or bike ride, or in the winter go skiing or autumn where you are looking at the colors or spring, the waterfalls," Erik said.  "Or November gale force winds," Amy added. 

With Lake Superior as their backyard, Erik and Amy got more than they ever imagined.

"We think it exceeded our expectations for what was possible," Erik said. 

Those who got a glimpse of the cabin, think the same.

"Wow, very cool!" said one of the tour goers. 

The design and the choice of materials contrasts the old and the new.

"it's not stained or something, it's just the raw wood and it's beautiful," another tour goer said. 

From the main living area, there's a flight of stairs that leads to the upper level.  There rests a long office, a master bedroom and a bath.  From the second floor office window, there's a view of stone foundation and walkable ledge rock of the Lake Superior shoreline.

"I remember one winter morning, waking up, walking and looking out the lake," Erik said.  "I hadn't put on my eye glasses, but I saw some motion out on the lake, and I got my glasses on and I saw three wolves on the ice."

"It's just that spirit of discovery on a new day that you don't get in a normal, everyday setting," Erik said. 


Amy Adamle

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