UMD Students React to Trump's Victory

Heidi Enninga
November 10, 2016 07:33 PM

Strong reactions continued Thursday after a dramatic conclusion in the race for the White House including in the Northland. 

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UMD's Office of Diversity and Inclusion has offered space and staff support for students who are feeling uncertainty after learning Donald Trump would be president-elect. 

Trump's election has sparked protests in Minnesota and across the nation, and fear over a Trump administration in the White House is also being felt on the UMD campus. 

While going on with daily routines, students said it's been difficult to process, some crying together others angry or in disbelief. 

Students who are in minority groups said this election is about more than their candidate not being elected, they're scared about how they'll be treated given Trump's controversial rhetoric on the campaign trail about LGBT people, muslims, those with disabilities and people of color. 

Kylie Salo, a UMD student said a Trump presidency could legitimize hateful actions and words, and those worries have made it difficult to sleep and triggered panic attacks.

"Now I have to be afraid of a witch hunt coming for me because I'm trans, and I'm transitioning and I'm also not of a heterosexual identity and I'm also afraid for everybody else," Salo said. "Now, I have to be afraid because I just want to be me and be happy."

Acknowledging that other minority communities and students would carry their own individual concerns, Salo said she's even felt the need to conceal and carry, which she has a permit for. 

Trump will appoint at least one Supreme Court justice and likely others as well, and students told us that could mean some civil rights like marriage equality could now be rolled back. 


Heidi Enninga

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