Loggers Weathered the Wild Winter Months

March 20, 2017 10:24 PM

Monday was the first day of spring. And with spring, comes road restrictions. That means that truckers and loggers can't carry as heavy as a load.

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Loggers have been preparing for this, by getting as much of their harvest as they can to their customers, like Sappi, Verso, and Louisiana Pacific.

But before the logs are trucked into the mills, they are cut down in the woods by people like Josh Hull, and his crew with Hull Forest Products.

"It's bitter sweet right now, the end of the logging season. We're tired. We need a break. We've been pushing hard all winter. But at the same time, we always want to get the last little bit in," Hull explained to  us.

Loggers need cold and the frost in the ground to bring their heavy equipment in to swampy areas where the trees grow. Some have to make their own roads with the help of snow.

So the thaws in January and February were stressful for the industry.

"When people get excited that the temps are warming up to 50 degrees, I'm usually fairly downtrodden. We're usually in the middle of a project, and it requires cold and frost," he said. "I love winter."

Winter is their busy time.

Ray Higgins from the Minnesota Timber Producers said, "Two thirds of the wood harvested in Minnesota every year is harvested during the winter months. We need the frozen ground to support the equipment we use."

It was a difficult winter, but they worked together with county authorities and the state, to make sure the loggers could still get their work done, without damaging the roads.

During the spring, many loggers will take some time to do maintenance on their equipment or take mandatory training classes. Then more logging resumes in the summer.

Road restrictions in the state begin at midnight on Tuesday night.

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