Local Police Department Warning Kids of "Nerf War" Dangers

Taylor Holt
April 14, 2017 10:45 PM

It's the third year Cloquet Senior Jay Boder has been a Commissioner for the annual Cloquet - Esko - Carlton "Nerf Wars".

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"We hold it in the Spring every year and just get a bunch of participants from every school to buy in to play," said Boder.

The game is simple. It involves teams competing against each other using Nerf guns. The object of the game to eliminate other players or teams by "shooting" them.

"You have to get a kill every week and once you get a kill you are safe for that week, and you move on to the next week," Boder added.

However, recent incidents with the game have sparked concerns from law enforcement.

"Distracted driving is a huge issue especially with teens and some of the commotion that they can cause," said Commander Derek Randall, with the Cloquet Police Department."The biggest thing though that we've heard is that we've had players go into other players homes uninvited, announced, hiding."

Randall says that can be a serious public safety concern and why the department has put out a warning.

"Be safe but be smart about it. This is not something that you want to risk being cited for or arrested for," said Randall. "The last thing we want is to have something tragic happen."

Boder says they take the incidents seriously.

"This year the rule is you cannot enter a house even if it is unlocked no killing in a house," Boder said."We work with the Cloquet Police Department. We contact them regularly and they let us know what's happening on their end. We let them know what's happening on our end."

The bottom line is safety.

"We just want to try and curb this as quick as possible and just remind people again what the laws are," said Randall.

Proceeds from the game go to a local mentoring program. The department says they support the fun of the game but just urge players to use common sense.


Taylor Holt

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