Getting Kids Ready to Go Back to School

Updated: 08/28/2014 10:39 PM
Created: 08/28/2014 5:00 PM
By: Maarja Anderson

From late nights and sleeping in to heading to bed early and rising before the sun, going back to school can be one abrupt wake up call.

Our summer may have felt short, but the school year doesn't wait. Many Northland kids are just days away from that first bell, so parents like Erik Holmstrom are getting their kiddos back into the routine.

"We've sort of been going to bed earlier the last couple of weeks and getting up a little bit earlier, too," explained the father of three.

And that's exactly what Dr. Kevin Morgan, a pediatrician at St. Luke's suggests parents do.

"Hopefully most people have started it already, but getting to sleep at a regular time a couple weeks before school starts, and getting them to do some readings [helps]," said the pediatrician.

He said kids thrive on routine, so getting back on that school schedule is key. Kids in grade school need at least 10 to 11 hours of sleep, he explained.

Along with getting those extra winks, Dr. Morgan said a well-balanced breakfast will give kids the energy they need. He recommends adding eggs or yogurt into the mix for a little protein.

"Most kids will plan on doing cereal and milk and sometimes that's not enough. You have to  make sure they have a good amount of protein."

So what if school starts and your child is having a tough time getting back in the groove? Dr. Morgan said it's all about reassurance and letting them know every day is a new day.

"Reassuring them when they get home...kind of highlighting the positive aspects of school, where you get to hang out with friends, you get to play, you get to meet a new teacher, and those types of things," Dr. Morgan said.

Every kid is different, so Dr. Morgan said it can take some kids a day to get used to the new schedule, others a month, parents just need to stay positive.

Most Northland schools start up again Tuesday, September 2, including Superior and Duluth.

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