Public Comments on Soo Line Ore Dock's Future

Updated: 08/26/2014 10:39 PM
Created: 08/26/2014 9:55 PM

About a month ago, Ashland acquired the Soo Line Ore dock back from the Canadian National Railroad company.

On Tuesday, the dock finally opened. They had a "Docks n' Brats" celebration as a way to gain community input for the future of the site. Even with a couple years of closure and the threat of demolition, this dock has withstood nearly 100 years.

Community members said the dock has brought a lot of character to the Ashland community, and now, they are looking for input on what to do with the dock next.

"I think it's really a great opportunity for the community," said April Kroner with the Planning and Development Committee for the city of Ashland. "It's not every day that the city gets to take ownership like this and there are a lot of possibilities and we're excited to hear what the public would like to see out here."

Community members can comment on the City of Ashland website through September 5th on what they think should be done.

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