Sunday Flash Flooding Strikes Chord After 2012 Flooding

Updated: 08/25/2014 7:47 PM
Created: 08/25/2014 4:18 PM

Josh Nickila captured on camera water shooting up from a manhole Sunday night. A sight that strikes a chord.

"I was hoping it wasn't 2012," Nickila said. "That was a bad year for all of us."

Nickila saw the flooded street outside the Sheraton in downtown Duluth.

"It's just rushing, coming down the hill," Nickila said. "It's at a pinch point right where it comes right down the hill and meets Superior street where it's flat. It's the easiest way to explode out of the ground."

That image sparked concern even for firefighters.

"The streets were flooded, manholes were overflowing," Duluth Fire Assistant Chief Erik Simonson said. "It really looked like it did two years ago."

Simonson said his crews responded to three incidents where lightning caused damage. He said it knocked out power at a home in West Duluth and started fires at two other places.

Lightning struck the chimney of an apartment building on Superior Street and the chimney of home in Woodland. The apartment building suffered $75,000 in damage and the home received an estimated $40,000 in damage.

With all the heavy rain, you might think construction sites suffered some setbacks. We checked in on the new Maurices building project and they just experienced some mud.

"We got some clean up to do this morning," Project Superintendent Dave Klehr said. "We treat rain very seriously in a downtown environment like this. We have bio logs set up around the perimeter of the site."

Klehr said the only water that leaves is clean, filtered water.

"You can see it's a little muddy, but we'll get it pumped out and dried out," Klehr said.

Rain totals varied across the Northland. Duluth got between a half inch and more than two inches.

Josh Nickila

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