Charity Event Triggers Fast Draw Championships Superior

Updated: 07/18/2014 6:25 PM
Created: 07/18/2014 4:50 PM
By: Briggs LeSavage

The Wisconsin State Fast Draw Championships kicked off with a Charity Shoot Friday to benefit both the Superior Disabled American Veterans clinic and the city's Courage Center. 

The Black River Bandits, a Superior-based cowboy fast draw club, were shooting at the Head of the Lake Fairgrounds and collecting donations for the two organizations. 

It's the beginning of a three-day tournament that brings together nationally ranked fast draw shooters. Tony Orman is one of the club's members who will be competing  and said, for him, it's  largely about the fun.

"Safety and fun are our two major missions here," Orman said. "We have a youth program where we teach kids gun safety as well as how to use this stuff safely and have fun. We dress the period because that's kind of what it's all about is having fun in the period."

Orman said in fast draw, it's all about drawing your gun and hitting the target the fastest. 

"We have some that shoot down in the 300ths of a second," Orman said. "I shoot sometimes ... in the a half second, but everybody tries to beat everybody else."

Orman said there will be about 50 competitors at the weekend's events, many dressed up in old west attire and using cowboy-themed equipment. 

Debbie Stadin has been competing in fast draw since 2009 and won third place in a national tournament a few weeks ago. She said what she most enjoy's isn't the competition. 

"We are one, big family. In fast draw, it's safety first, fun second, competition third and the fun is the big thing. ... The socialization the visiting and the being with the cowboy fast draw family is the best for me," Stadin said. 

Everybody who competes with the Black River Bandits has to go through gun safety training before they are allowed to shoot. 

The tournament continues Saturday at 8 a.m.

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