President Obama in Minnesota for Two-Day Visit

Updated: 12/10/2014 5:19 PM
Created: 06/26/2014 5:03 PM
By: Julie Kruse

Airforce One landed at the Minneapolis- St. Paul International Airport Thursday afternoon as President Obama opened a two-day visit to Minnesota.

The President is in Minneapolis to headline a Democratic fundraiser and speak about raising the minimum wage. 

Invited guests at the Minnehaha Park event asked several questions ranging in topics like gun control, equal pay for men and women and climate change among other topics.

The President mentioned ideas for new ways of learning like using online classes more effectively to help keep college costs down or getting more high school students to get transferable college credits while in high school in order to graduate from college early.

One of the hot issues that arose several times during the meeting was about student loans and higher education.

"There is nothing that should prevent us from doing it because this is just about making a college education a better value for families, and that's something that should transcend parties," said President Obama. "It shouldn't be a Democrat or Republican issue."

Obama said we need work with colleges to keep the costs of student loans down as well as keep the interest rates low.

On Friday, Obama is giving a speech on economic policy in Minneapolis, but all those tickets were given away on Wednesday.

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