Duluth Celebrates United States' World Cup Win

Updated: 06/16/2014 11:11 PM
Created: 06/16/2014 11:10 PM
By: Briggs LeSavage

Hundreds of World Cup fans gathered across Duluth Monday as the United States men's national soccer team defeated Ghana 2-1.

Dubh Linn's Irish Pub and Clyde Iron Works both held viewing parties for fans of all ages. Dubh Linn's owner Mike Maxim said he wouldn't be surprised to fill every seat in the house.

"For this World Cup, we thought we'd go all out," Maxim said. "There's definitely an energy in the air for the staff, which makes it pretty exciting."

Both Maxim and Clyde Iron Works owner Alex Giuliani said they plan to show every United States game during the month-long event as well as other high-profile matches as the games turn to single elimination play near the end of the tournament.

As a salute to the Americans, Maxim said Dubh Linn's chose to brew a special beer called the American Pale Ale that will only be available during United States games.

"It brings a little more excitement to the event," Maxim said.

He said that excitement and energy was the reason behind the event.

"Even working, I'm busy. I'm out doing stuff, but you get kind of sucked in to the big moments in the game," Maxim said. "Even if you don't follow soccer, you follow that community and everyone involved gets excited about the game."

Giuliani said his restaurant showed the game on a 26-foot screen in the Clyde Iron Works Event Center because a big event calls for a big celebration.

"It's the biggest event in the world," Giuliani said. "…It's a beautiful game. It's growing and growing and growing in the states as evidenced by the crowds we've been having for the tournament."

Giuliani estimated 400 people came to watch the Itlay vs. England game last weekend, and he expects even bigger crowds as the United States continues its route toward advancing in the tournament.

13-year-old Mat Magnuson of Duluth said the most exciting part of the World Cup is that it only happens every four years, and this year, he's hoping for a miralce.

"We had a miracle on ice in hockey … and we've had the miracle Mets in baseball, so a miracle in soccer would be nice, too," Magnuson said.

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