New Crash Truck for Rescue Squad

Updated: 05/28/2014 4:38 PM
Created: 05/28/2014 4:32 PM

It's called a crash truck, and is a large, custom built vehicle equipped with everything rescue crews would need, at the scene of a major accident.

1st Lt. Nate Peterson showed us the truck on Wednesday.

First, he opened a compartment that houses the so-called "Jaws of Life." 

"This is our hydraulic equipment that we use to get a patient out who is trapped," he explained. Another compartment down is medical supplies. Even further down on that side, more storage and gear.

In the back, is where the stabilizing gear is, to keep vehicles in place while rescuers work to free patients inside.

"In our old truck, which was 19 years old and worn out, we had most of our equipment stored in the back. That means a lot of crawling around and over things, which was not the  most efficient," Peterson explained.

This truck has storage on all sides, except the front. "The shelving slides out, for easy access too," Peterson added.

The new crash truck arrived in mid-May, and was out on its first calls on Saturday.

The St. Louis County Board approved $184,000 for the investment, which included new hydraulic tools, late last year. 

Donations from you the public help pay for training and smaller pieces of equipment for the squad, which is all volunteer.

Their annual fundraiser that goes through the mail, starts in July.

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