Mother Nature Takes Marathon Training to a Whole New Level

Updated: 05/15/2014 10:28 PM
Created: 05/15/2014 9:31 PM
By: Maarja Anderson

This winter and spring have been anything but ideal, especially when it comes to training for a marathon.

"[It's been] by far the most difficult [training conditions]. This is a memorable one for sure," said Tony Stensland, manager at Duluth Running Company.

Grandma's Marathon is just under a month away and on Thursday, May 15, it snowed.

"It's been kind of rough. The weather has been hard. I've been running on a treadmill a little bit," explained Natalie Steigauf, who is training for the half marathon.

Many runners Eyewitness News spoke with said they've had to wait out the bad weather. Treadmill running isn't for everyone. Others, have barreled through.

"I became one with the treadmill. I've done a lot of long runs on the treadmill," explained Tina Nelson, also training for the half.

But we did find one easy way to make sure you get your runs checked off. A training group.

"Two times up for the half marathoners and three times up for the half marathoners," explained Stensland as he coached one of Duluth Running Company's training groups.

Thursday they did hills near Lester River. The weather was mild compared to what the group is used to after this spring.

"We have been in some crazy weather conditions this year, with wind in their face, snow and sleet," he explained.

Almost 100 runners are part of the group and Stensland said they've been hardy.

"This group has been unlike any group I've had in the past because the weather has been without the doubt the worst conditions to try and train in," said Stensland.

He said it's easier to get out there when you know you will be facing the cold, wind, sleet, or snow together. Even still, Stensland says most runners are undertrained at this point.

Although runners may be nervous about their training, Stensland says there is still plenty of time before the big race and it's generally better to be undertrained than overtrained in terms of injuries.

Grandma's Marathon is June 21.

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