Holy MALLimony! Couple Gets Free Wedding At Miller Hill Mall

Updated: 05/08/2014 11:10 PM
Created: 05/08/2014 10:14 AM
By: Laurie Stribling

First comes love then comes marriage, but the recipe for happily ever after is not that simple. Wedding planning can get tricky, but one bride has it easy. Her wedding is taking place at the Miller Hill Mall and everything is being taken care of by area vendors.

"There's always an initial pause when we tell someone because we do joke around," bride Carolyn Hanson said.

"It's like no, no, no, we're getting married at the mall," groom Daniel Nichols said.

It all started when Marketing Director Machelle Kendrick wanted to host a wedding at the mall. When she went searching for the bride and groom, Hanson and Nichols made the perfect pair.

"After a little discussion, we were like we're going to do this?" Hanson said."We were like, 'yea.' Then, we just kind of high fived on it."

The deal was sealed, but a wedding takes more than the perfect place. That's when different shops started chipping in thousands of dollars to pull off the big day.

"It was kind of exciting and I thought it would be fun to be part of it," Helzberg Diamonds Manager Dick Bellamy said.

Bellamy gave the couple two wedding rings from his store.

"I honestly thought it was just stunning," Hanson said.

The giving continued from there. Icing helped accessorize the bride for her bachelorette party and the big day.

"I just thought weddings and Icing just go hand in hand," Icing Manager Aliina Erickson said.

While the planning is exciting, even Erickson was scratching her head when she heard about the wedding being called Mall My Love.

"I saw it on Facebook and it happened to be on April 1," Erickson said. "I was like okay that has to be an April Fools."

There's no joke here and support for the couple doesn't stop at the mall's doors. Outside vendors are also sending swag their way.

A Sweet Event is sharing sweets and Fitz Photography gave them an engagement session. A team at Younkers dolled Hanson up for the shoot.

So far, about a dozen sponsors are on board donating more than $15,000.

"It's really overwhelming, really just heart warming," Hanson said.

The couple even got bachelorette and bachelor parties for free. The girls got appetizers at Applebee's and the boys played a board game at Barnes and Noble. During the parties, we asked their closest pals what they think of the unusual nuptials.

"I thought it was weird," friend Patrick Duffy said. "It's definitely not traditional, but that fits Dan pretty well."

"I can't think of anyone that is crazy enough to do it and more deserving of it to receive it," friend Jennifer Jubenville said.

Behind all the generous glitz and glam, there's one big reason the community is coming together.

"At the end of it, we're getting married," Hanson said. "That's all that matters."

Even when tradition gets a twist, love and marriage is what this wedding is all about.

The wedding will be June 21 at 1 p.m. at the Miller Hill Mall. That's the same weekend as Grandma's Marathon.

You can follow the couple on the Mall My Love Facebook page, by clicking here.

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