Northlanders Muttering at Mother Nature After April Snowstorm

Updated: 04/04/2014 5:17 PM
Created: 04/04/2014 1:06 PM
By: Travis Dill

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An early April snowstorm put many Northlanders on edge Friday morning. After a long, harsh winter they were muttering at Mother Nature.

Northlanders awoke to a chorus of snow blowers on Friday and the sound was miserable for many to hear in April.

A foot of snow fell in some areas of Northwestern Wisconsin and about 9 inches landed in Duluth. It was the last thing residents wanted to see.

“Give us some sunshine and some flowers. We're sick of the snow. We're all going to move pretty soon,” Stacie of Duluth said.

She called on Mother Nature to change her ways after a rough morning commute.

“It probably took me a good 20 minutes to a half an hour to get my car out, and then I realized it was stuck so I had to go get a shovel and shovel it out,” Stacie said.

It turned out that strapping on her Mukluks was a waste of time.

“I was heading off to work, and I thought I was scheduled today. I got all the way there and I realized I wasn't even scheduled today,” Stacie said.

Others who hit the road Friday morning weren't so lucky.

“My sister got stuck down on 24th Ave. so we had to pull her out,” Amanda Torkelson said. “There was a lot of accidents and stuff. Even the FedEx truck was having a hard time getting up the hill.”

Torkelson said her sons got the day off of school so they helped her dig out the driveway. It wasn't what they were expecting as the Duluth students head into spring break.

Larry Theivagt was digging out tenants at a handful of rental properties, but after the long winter he was praying for a break.

“I have talked to God many times over the winter, and I would just ask to bring on the spring. Hopefully this will be the last big fall,” Theivagt said.

He knows this winter has been tough on everyone, but he said it's easy to stay optimistic with warm weather in the forecast.

“I'd say hang in there. We're in April, although last April was pretty rough, but it's getting warmer all the time. We'll make it,” Theivagt said.

WDIO meteorologists said sunshine and 40 degree highs are expected for the weekend, and the thermometer will flirt with 50 degrees in the Northland next week.

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