Rescue Teams Train for Ice Emergencies

Updated: 04/03/2014 11:09 PM
Created: 04/03/2014 11:07 PM

On Monday, two groups of anglers were escorted off of Lake Superior after the ice they were fishing on started separating. On Thursday, a familiar scene unfolded at Duluth's Brighton Beach. 

It may have looked familiar, but this time it was just practice for when their services are needed again. The U.S. Coast Guard says that's nearly inevitable. Their team, along with local squads, have been called to 93 search and rescue incidents and saved 111 people over the last two winters. 

"This is is training for the worst case scenario," BMCS Robert Pump, officer in charge at Coast Guard Station Duluth. "There's two times a year when the ice is the most dangerous, and that's the first ice and the last ice."

Taking part in the training Thursday alongside the Coast Guard was the Civil Air Patrol, the St. Louis County Rescue Squad, 911 Dispatchers, and the Duluth Fire Department.

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