Celebration of Birds Ushers in Spring

Updated: 03/31/2014 11:45 AM
Created: 03/29/2014 10:17 PM

With the end of winter around the corner, a display at the Great Lakes Aquarium celebrated the coming of a springtime creature.

"A Celebration of Birds" features eight paintings and 21 photographs by Karl Bardon, a field ornithologist and nature photographer.

Bardon said birds have been his passion since he was young.

"It's always been birds," he said. "I've been watching birds since I was a kid. ... It was a hobby for a long time and then when I graduated from college, I just started doing ornithological work, studying birds, and I've traveled all over counting and studying birds."

A Celebration of Birds will be on display at the aquarium until Sept. 8.

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