Big Rush for Roses this Valentine's Day

Updated: 02/14/2014 5:39 PM
Created: 02/14/2014 5:29 PM
By: Maarja Anderson

The Rose Man has been the place to go on Valentine's Day for more than 30 years, and the new owners are continuing the tradition.

"It's awesome, completely awesome" said owner, Julie Stabe.

The little shop was packed with roses, and a lot of men.

"Actually, it's been all men, we've had maybe four women," explained Stabe.

The men are on a mission.

"I was just picking up some roses for all the women in my family," said Brandon Pesta.

"Just picking up roses for my lovely women on Valentine's Day," said Skylar Scott.

Many men were buying for mom and sisters, too. Pesta walked away with 50 roses, Scott, with four dozen.

It's a good thing Stabe was prepared.

"I've been planning for a little bit. I got approximately 15,000 roses.

That's right, 15,000 roses! Stabe said the red ones go fast, but many men like to mix it up.

"I know just how my girlfriend wants it so I told them exactly how to do it," said Pesta.

While men were getting roses, it seemed women were doing their own shopping.

"It is mostly women, they usually buy for the family," explained the owner of Cake Occasions, Amber Brostrom.

For those that stay in on Valentine's Day, Cake Occasions offers some sweet treats.

"We have kids so that sort of complicates things. So actually this year we get to celebrate for the first time," said Lindsey Lasky while she was picking up some mini-cupcakes.

Brostrom said business has been busy.

"It's been great. People love pink and red velvet and chocolate covered strawberries," she said.

They have 36 pounds of strawberries ready to be dipped in chocolate. The sweet fruit is then drizzled with even more chocolate and ready to eat.

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