One-on-One Sessions Tuesday for Gogebic Taconite

Created: 02/10/2014 11:42 AM

On Tuesday, Gogebic Taconite representatives will again be traveling throughout Iron and Ashland Counties to speak one-on-one with citizens and address questions about the proposed iron ore mine.

After two successful rounds of personalized sessions, representatives will conduct another tour throughout Iron and Ashland counties in various locations to meet with individuals who may not have had an opportunity previously to have their questions answered. 

The individualized format will continue in order to provide personalized attention for concerned citizens who may be uncomfortable with the public hearing format. Times and locations for the one-on-one sessions are as follows: 

7:30-8:45AM: Bear Crossing, Glidden, WI 

10:00-11:15AM: Vaughn Library, Ashland, WI 

1:30-2:45PM: Penokee Deli, Mellen, WI 

4:00-5:15PM: Gogebic Taconite Office, Hurley, WI 

6:00-7:15PM: Subway, Mercer, WI

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