Cold Conditions Causing Problem Potholes

Created: 02/04/2014 10:53 PM

This winter's near-record low temperatures are causing big headaches on area roads.

Duluth city workers say its not ideal conditions for cold mix patching, but many are unsafe to leave them as they are.

Minnesota Department of Transportation officials say they've done some work, but will do most of the patching once temperatures get, and stay, above zero.

Deteriorating pavement also isn't helping and may mean even more holes come spring.

"We're going to probably have more potholes as the years go by," said Beth Petrowske, public affairs coordinator for Duluth's Mn/DOT region. "That's why Mn/DOT is really hoping we can get extra money to make the repairs that we need to do."

Petrowske encourages people to call if you spot a dangerous pothole. 

You can report a pothole online by clicking here.

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