Hoping to Keep Four-Day Week

Updated: 01/30/2014 10:57 PM
Created: 01/30/2014 5:51 PM

The Lake Superior School District is applying to the State Department of Education, to keep their four-day, flexible learning week. 

This idea began several years ago, as a budget crunching move. It saves the district about $225,000 a year, mostly on transportation costs.

Despite the Department of Education wanting districts to go back to five days a week, Lake Superior leaders think they can prove that it is beneficial to keep the four-day.

Superintendent Bill Crandall said that it's been helpful during this extra cold winter. "We've been able to make up days on Fridays." He also said that they can schedule sporting events on Thursdays, since long travel is often required. That way students don't have to wake up early on Fridays after a late night on the road for games and matches.

He told us that test scores have remained flat during the past several years the four-day week has been in effect. But two schools, Minnehaha Elementary and the William Kelley Silver Bay High School, have moved up in the school rankings.

We asked you the viewers to weigh in on Facebook. And most support keeping the four day week, because it's helpful for scheduling doctor appointments, and means more family time for some folks.

Students have been spending Fridays doing more of the things they enjoy as well, like jazz band or robotics. Some also help take care of younger students.

That has been one of the main concern for some parents who then need to look for daycare on Fridays, according to Crandall.

The district plans to have the application in, by the end of March. The four-day week has been in effect since the fall of 2010.

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