City of Duluth Steps Closer to New Lakewalk Construction with Council Vote

Created: 01/27/2014 9:47 PM

The City of Duluth took a step toward new construction on the Lakewalk in their council meeting Monday night.

Councilors passed a resolution allowing the city to submit an application to the Minnesota Department of Transportation for the construction of a new portion of the Lakewalk.

It would run along Water Street between 21st and 23rd Avenues east, between a real estate development and Interstate 35.

Speaking in front on the council, one man said "I'm just really saddened to see that we're going to be doing something to divert this beautiful Lakewalk that we have in that area and take it away from the edge of our lake."

Carol Burns, with Friends of the Lakewalk, said "having a paved Lakewalk along the upper section of Water Street will provide important separation between vehicular traffic and pedestrians."

According to council documents, construction would happen in about three years. The cost is more than $300,000, but grant money available.

Water Street near Interstate 35 in Duluth

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