Caring Transitions: Helping Families Move Loved Ones

Updated: 01/14/2014 10:40 PM
Created: 01/14/2014 5:43 PM

Sometimes senior citizens need or want to be moved to assisted living facilities, apartments, or nursing homes. And that can be a difficult time for them and their families.

But a new company on the Iron Range, which is part of a national corporation, is aiming to change that.

It's called Caring Transitions, and offers services from the Range to the Twin Ports.

Angie and Joe Wivoda are the owners. They started this because when Joe's father died, the family realized how hard it was to take care of all of the belongings.

Caring Transitions offers full-service relocation activities, like shipping heirlooms, selling items in an estate sale, and helping move, clean, and pack.

One place that has already seen the benefits of Caring Transitions is Realife Cooperative, a place for 55+ residents in downtown Hibbing.

"It's been really great. Our members have been very welcoming to the service. Angie has been very caring, trusthworthy, and professional," said Debbie Anderson, the Resident Services Manager.

One resident named Mary Ann Kokotovich said she thinks it's nice to have that option, if people don't have families to help them.

In fact, that's who Angie is helping now. "It feels good, especially when people go from being overwhelmed to, oh wow, we can get this done in a month, and are much happier," she said.

The franchise is family owned. The Wivodas hope to expand their employee base soon.

For more information: or call 218-208-2578

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