Northland Roads Could Stay Slick All Week

Updated: 12/23/2013 10:11 PM
Created: 12/23/2013 9:08 PM
By: Travis Dill

Plows tried to keep roads clear on Monday after lingering snow and blowing winds, but MnDOT engineers said frigid temperatures mean roads will stay slick.

Some Northlanders were still driving to work, or out last-minute shopping, but many like Cami Killian were traveling to see family for Christmas.

“I went to Milwaukee for the weekend and it was certainly an interesting drive,” Killian said. “Maybe half-an-hour before you hit the Wisconsin Dells it turned into freezing rain and then gradually over the weekend it went from freezing rain to thick, heavy, wet snow.”

MnDOT officials said the State Patrol responded to 111 crashes on Sunday and more were piling up on Monday. Kilian said she saw the same on Wisconsin highways.

“There was actually a jack-knifed semi there. It was on its side with the trailer on its side too. It certainly backed up traffic for awhile,” Killian said.

The roads were slick in Duluth too. Domino's Driver Mark Hagen said he was doing fine because of his years of experience driving in poor conditions, but he did admit the streets in Duluth can be unforgiving.

“Who else builds a town on a sheer rock cliff and puts a line down it and calls it an avenue. And then let the glaciers slide back down it again,” Hagen said.

The drivers said others should expect to slide and plan accordingly.

“Just take it slow. There are so many people who are driving way too fast,” Killian said.

MnDOT officials advised the same caution and speed reduction on roads this week. Engineers said the slippery conditions could persist through the week.

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