Northlanders Dig Out After the Snow Stops

Updated: 12/05/2013 6:15 PM
Created: 12/05/2013 3:47 PM
By: Travis Dill

Temperatures were hitting single digits on Thursday so Northlanders were hoping to dig out before the deep freeze set in.

Fall hung on until December, but just three days of snowfall completely changed the landscape of the Northland.

Dozens of residents worked to dig out of more than a foot of snow along 8th Street in Duluth on Thursday. Getting to the vehicles plowed in was a chore with the falling temperatures.

“My door was a little frozen here, but everything was fine,” Ethan Westerlund said.

He played down the struggle of scraping off his car, but he admitted it was a little frustrating.

“It wasn't fun. I mean I worked on it a little bit yesterday so it made it a little bit easier today, but it's not fun,” Westerlund said.

Duluth Police said a vehicle sitting for over 24 hours can prompt a $21 ticket. Authorities recommended digging out before the snow freezes, but Westerlund only made it about 10 feet down his avenue.

Residents that prefer not to struggle with the snow called on the professional removers at

"Yeah, they give us a call or go online and check out the website. Get on the list. The list is pretty long and gets longer every day,” Shoveler Jesse Larson said.

And with snow turning to ice Larson said businesses and residents were thankful to get cleared out early.

“Because most places that weren't clean are so frozen from the wet stuff we got yesterday that it's really a bugger to get through it now,” Larson said.

The snow may have stopped flying, but Northlanders still have plenty of work in front of them.

Duluth Police said vehicles on streets with alternate-side parking do need to move by Sunday or risk getting towed. Authorities said that can cost up to $100.

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