Groundbreaking for New Vikings Stadium

Posted at: 12/03/2013 3:39 PM | Updated at: 12/03/2013 3:54 PM

The fanfare included music, food, fireworks, and former players and coaches, like Carl Eller and Bud Grant.

In fact, there were so many people at the new Vikings stadium groundbreaking, there had to be four groudbreakings to fit all of the VIPs into the mix.

Running back Adrian Peterson shared how pumped up he and his teammates are about the new stadium. But, with a laugh, he shared how he's not looking forward to playing outdoors for the next two seasons, at the TCF stadium at the U of MN.

Fans who lined up to be at the event told Eyewitness News how excited they were to see the dirt move at the site, for the $1 billion dollar venue.

But some were saddened about the end of the Metrodome.

The Vikings are slated to play their final home game in the Dome on December 29th.

Some conservative lawmakers have critisized the stadium, because of the taxpayer cost. The public portion of the facility is nearly half.

Governor Mark Dayton slammed that group of who he called naysayers, saying the only jobs they care about are their own. "This project is going to put 1000s of people to work."

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